Trick ‘r Treat Sexy Halloween Werewolves Vs Vampires

sexy werewolf horror in trick r treat
Trick ‘r Treat (2007) directed by Michael Dougherty, starring Anna Paquin, Brian Cox, Dylan Baker, and Amy Esterle,  is undeniably one of the best Halloween themed horror films out there.  Considering that there are relatively few Halloween films in the sub-genre, it’s not saying much, but as a horror film it stands on its own and at least in one scene, delivers the sexy goods.
Trick ‘r Treat is a horror anthology movie consisting of five different intertwined stories – Introduction, The Principal, School Bus Massacre Revisited, Surprise Party, and Meet Sam.  All the segments are successful to some degree but the standout for me has to be “Surprise Party” starring Anna Paquin and Amy Esterle.  Not since The Howling (1981) has a werewolf film exuded such brazen and sexy horror with a fair dose of comedy.  Paquin and Esterle really turn up the heat when the “party” gets in gear and it’s werewolves versus vampires!  If you’re into bodacious werewolf babes getting nude and lewd, then this segment of Trick ‘r Treat is right up your alley!
Released a few years ago, the Trick ‘r Treat Collector’s Edition Blu-ray is a sight to behold with many features including:

  • NEW 2K Scan Of The Original Film Elements Supervised And Approved By Director Michael Dougherty
  • NEW Tales Of Folklore & Fright: Creating Trick ‘r Treat – Including Interviews With Writer/Director Michael Dougherty, Conceptual Artist Breehn Burns, And Storyboard Artist Simeon Wilkins
  • NEW Tales Of Mischief & Mayhem: Filming Trick ‘r Treat – In-depth Interview With Michael Dougherty On The Making Of The Film
  • NEW Sounds Of Shock & SuperstitionScoring Trick ‘r Treat – Including Interviews With Michael Dougherty And Composer Douglas Pipes
  • NEW Tales Of Dread And Despair: Releasing Trick ‘r Treat – A Look At The Release And Fandom With Michael Dougherty And Writer Rob Galluzzo
  • NEW 2K Scan Of The Original 16mm Elements of Season’s Greetings – A Short Film By Michael Dougherty With Optional Commentary By Dougherty
  • NEW Storyboard And Conceptual Artwork Gallery
  • NEW Behind The Scenes Still Gallery
  • NEW Monster Mash – A Story From The Trick ‘r Treat Graphic Novel
  • NEW Shorts
  • Audio Commentary With Director Michael Dougherty
  • Trick ‘r Treat: The Lore And Legends Of Halloween Featurette
  • Deleted And Alternate Scenes With Optional Commentary By Director Michael Dougherty
  • School Bus FX Comparison
  • Theatrical Trailer

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