Spicy Nicollet Cover On Metal Hurlant 5 With Sexy Art by Russ Heath And Richard Corben

One of the original Metal Hurlant covers that never became a cover for Heavy Metal magazine was Nicollet’s spicy BDSM Monster Dominatrix cover for issue five, January 1976.
In the latest Metal Hurlant video from Horror MIke, he takes a close look at Metal Hurlant issue number five, January 1976.  This illustrated Sci-Fi Fantasy Art magazine features art by Russ Heath with story by Mr. MIKE aka Michael O’Donoghue from SNL fame for “Cowgirls at War” originally published in National Lampoon’s Encyclopedia of Humor from 1973.
Corben continues with DEN while Druillet offers a humorous sci-fi tale called Hamilton Potemkine.  Moebius returns with fantastic color panels for ARZACH.  Dionnet supplies the story and Gal delivers more amazing line art for the next installation of CONQUERING ARMIES.
The amazing issue five of Metal Hurlant magazine format comic book also features some sexy fake comic books by Russ Heath, written by Mr. Mike on page three.
Watch the Metal Hurlant Issue 5 Video!