Sexy Elvira HORROR Action Figures

sexy elvira horror action figures
I spent the entire 1980s living in southern California and watching Elvira’s Movie Macabre on KHJ TV out of Los Angeles.  In 1980, KHJ began looking for that certain special horror host with a mix of nostalgia, horror, and of course, sex appeal.  Enter one Cassandra Peterson, fresh from an acting stint in Europe.  She returned to Los Angeles in 1979 just in time to audition for the horror host role of ELVIRA which launched on KHJ TV in 1981.
In 1982, Elvira hosted the first ever 3D horror show on TV.  “I did the first 3D television show that had ever been broadcast and they sold 3D glasses at 7-Eleven. I think they sold the glasses for $3 a pair and the show only aired in LA and I think they sold something like 2.7 million pairs of glasses,” Peterson recalled.  I remember getting the glasses at a 7-11 lol.
Elvira’s Movie Macabre lasted from 1981 to 1986 and after that, Peterson made multiple Elvira movies and countless TV and convention appearances as the seductive and hilarious horror queen.  And don’t forget the comic books!
Now you can get two amazing Elvira action figures, but fair warning, these figures sell like hotcakes so if you’re interested in bringing the sexy horror host into your home, you should quick!
NECA Elvira Action Figure

AMOK TIME Elvira Action Figure