Sex in Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Films

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Since the dawn of cinema with films like Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922), sex has been consistently infused with horror themes in movies, and before that, sex, whether implicit or explicit, has been a staple of many a great genre novel and short story.  In comic books, long legged scantily clad women and men in tight space suits adorned the covers of golden age titles like Planet Comics, Jumbo Comics, Exciting Comics, and Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.  When superhero comics waned in the late 1940s, crime, horror, and sci-fi comic books rushed in to take their place, offering gruesome and often lurid depictions of sex and violence sold on the newsstands to both young and old alike.
       Sexy Horror is not meant to be a comprehensive or chronological review.  The content will jump from one decade to another at random with emphasis placed upon books, films, and comic books or graphic novels that are readily available.  I think you’ll agree that it is very frustrating when you read about something of interest only to find that it is so rare and/or expensive that it’s out of your reach.  Here at Sexy Horror we will make it a point that the material will be available in physical form or at the very least, digitized for your enjoyment, but fair warning… most of the material I cover will be R-rated and some of it will X-rated.  This website is FOR ADULTS ONLY.
       Thank you for visiting my humble dungeon and please feel free to drop a comment.  I should have a video counterpart up and running soon and will post here with the details.

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