Sex and Drugs and Reich-n-Roll: Metal Hurlant Heavy Metal Bound Edition starring VOSS

It is a fact that both the original French Metal Hurlant and it’s English counterpart Heavy Metal magazine were always pushing the envelope with sex and graphic violence in illustrated sci-fi magazines.  Artists like Moebius and Philippe Druillet constantly delivered the uncensored adult themes loaded with sexy aliens, futuristic designer drugs, and gruesome gore that made us love these over-sized science fiction, horror, and fantasy comic books so much.
But one name sticks out in the crowd for delivering some of the most outrageous comic book stories that ever graced the pages of either Heavy Metal or Metal Hurlant: VOSS.
Voss showed up in the first issues of both publications and continued to supply readers with insane and superb stories for many years after that.  Voss didn’t push the envelope: He lit it on fire and stomped on it.  One of his most famous strips, HEILMAN, is a testament to the “don’t give a fuck”mentality that this master comic book artist had when he did work for Metal Hurlant – Heavy Metal.
My new video dives deep into three consecutive issues of Metal Hurlant, all featuring the graphic sex and violence Heilman stories by VOSS.
A friendly warning:  This shit is NOT for those with weak stomachs who get offended easily, the art of Voss firmly resides in the arena of ADULTS ONLY!
Click here to watch the Metal Hurlant Heavy Metal Bound Edition Part 2 featuring VOSS.
metal hurlant heavy metal bound issues 22 23 24 featuring VOSS