Sci-Fi Horror Exploitation Movie First Man on Mars 2023 Blu-Ray

A secret mission. A horrifying discovery. The countdown to terror has begun! In 2003 billionaire astronaut Eli Cologne began his journey through space to become the first man on Mars, but something went horribly wrong.. Infected by an alien organism on the red planet, he returned to Earth a crazed, savage monster with an unquenchable thirst for human flesh in this thrilling homage to 1970’s grindhouse exploitation drive-in movies!
First Man on Mars is now available on Blu-Ray for the first time!  Loaded with extras like outtakes, raw animation clips, Behind the scenes stills, and retro lobby cards for your enjoyment.
The blu-ray comes with an exclusive mini-poster card featuring an alternate cover by filmmaker Mike Lyddon and a Haunted Thrills playing card used as promotion in his last film of the same name.
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first man on mars lobby card