New FRANK FRAZETTA Book Cover Art – The Definitive Reference

frank frazetta book cover art reference
When watching videos from comic book artists and illustrators, there are several artists from the past whose names are inevitably invoked.  Bernie Wrightson, Dave Stevens, Alex Schomburg, and Richard Corben, to name a few.  But the name that pops up most often among both pros and fans alike is Frank Frazetta.
Comic book artist, illustrator, and painter in league with the modern masters, Frazetta is known worldwide for such amazing works as “Death Dealer,” “Conan the Barbarian,” “Woman with Scythe,” “The Egyptian Queen,” and countless others.
There are dozens of books on Frazetta and perhaps hundreds more that at least have a chapter or mentions of his works, and now there is a fantastic new book recently shown by master comic book artist Aaron Lopresti on his youtube channel entitled Frazetta Book Cover Art: The Definitive Reference (sept 2022) featuring an amazing selection of works Frazetta painted for books including Conan, Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, Tales from the Crypt, and more.
This stunning guide to the world of horror, science fiction, and fantasy books illustrated by the master features eye popping scenes of sexy women, muscle bound barbarians, and other worldly creatures that graced the covers of paperbacks and hardcovers for decades, and now, you can see Frazetta’s prolific contribution to these classic tomes in one book.
Frazetta Book Cover Art: The Definitive Reference is on sale now.