Horror Comic Book Wulf and Batsy From Alterna Comics

Bryan Baugh’s Wulf and Batsy comic book series from Alterna Comics.
alterna comics wulf and batsy
I’ve been reading Alterna Comics for years now, starting back in 2016 with Alterna founder and owner Peter Simetti’s “The Chair” series that was made into a feature film starring Bill Oberst Jr., Naomi Grossman, Zach Galligan, and Roddy Piper in what would be his last film.
Since then, I’ve enjoyed Alterna titles like Blood Realm, Legends of Log, It Came Out on a Wednesday, and others.             As of 2020, Alterna added a new comic book title called Wulf and Batsy which has quickly become my favorite book from the company.
With liberal doses of horror and comedy, Bryan Baugh’s Wulf and Batsy is a wildly entertaining series invoking both 1950s pre-code horror comics and 1970s underground comics with the often hyper-violent “Wulf” and his constant companion, the tempting and sexy “Batsy” as they find themselves battling all manner of monsters…and humans in their crazy adventures.
Falling just short of an “R” rating, the Alterna series provides enough gore and titillation to keep even the most rabid of fans happy.
Bryan Baugh’s highly entertaining comic book sensation has been around for years and I recently discovered he had released a few volumes of Wulf and Batsy through his own imprint, Cryptic Comics, circa 2011.  These volumes total more than five hundred pages, so the Alterna line is presenting both reprinted and brand new material from Baugh for their series.
The Fall 2022 Alterna Comics campaign is underway with only nine days left, so if you want to get your claws on some new Wulf and Batsy along with other titles in the line up,  visit the Indiegogo page soon.  You can also get back issues direct from Alterna Comics website.