Heavy Metal Movie’s Nelson B-17 Gunner and Sexy Taarna Action Figures Video Review

In 1981, audiences were blown away by the amazing animation featured in the Heavy Metal movie directed by Gerald Potterton and produced by Ivan Reitman.  There wasn’t a bad segment in the film but the top two hottest segments were the “B-17” and “Taarna” sequences.  Film-goers fell in love and lust with the sexy Taarakian Taarna riding half naked on her flying bird and battling thugs and monsters with her trusty blade.  Dan O’bannon’s segment “B-17” featuring creepy zombie airmen brought back to life by the powers of the mysterious Locnar and hunting a hapless pilot in the jungle was also loved by fans worldwide.
In 2019, Incendium and Fig Biz companies produced a special line of action figures celebrating the 300th issue of Heavy Metal magazine that features variant covers of both Taarna and B-17 Nelson characters from the Heavy Metal movie.
I recently obtained this special set and made a video review of the Incendium 2019 Heavy Metal Movie Taarna And B-17 Nelson Action Figures.  Enjoy!
video review of heavy metal movie nelson b-17 and sexy taarna action figures