Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal 2000 Sexy Sci-fi Animation

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Heavy Metal magazine
first burst on the scene in the U.S. in 1977 as an all new sexy science fiction fantasy publication through National Lampoon.  Originally created by Les Humanoides Assoc., a quartet of creators including Moebius, Drulliet, and Dionnet and published in Europe under the name “Metal Hurlant” (Screaming Metal), the U.S. counterpart quickly gained popularity with a large number of comic book and art fans who wanted something more than the typical fare offered by Marvel and DC at the time.
Heavy Metal was so popular that in 1980, the decision was made to make a feature length animated film based upon stories from the magazine by creators including Richard Corben, Bernie Wrightson, and Dan O’Bannon.
In April, 2022, a new Heavy Metal steelbook 4K – Blu-ray was released containing a remastered Heavy Metal along with its follow up film, Heavy Metal 2000.
You can also get the original 1981 Heavy Metal movie on blu-ray here on sale.
The Steelbook edition contains the following:

Newly-mixed sound by producer Ivan Reitman, with all-new sound effects – fully maximizing the immersive Dolby Atmos experience and makes this a must-own for fans

Presented within a limited edition SteelBook, including HEAVY METAL on 4K Ultra HD disc and Blu-ray, plus the exclusive Blu-ray debut of HEAVY METAL 2000

 Heavy Metal: Fully restored in 4K with HDR from the original camera negative

Special features include all-new celebrity fan interviews (Norman Reedus) & reflections from filmmakers (Kevin Smith)

Also exclusively includes the Blu-ray debut of Heavy Metal 2000 – not previously available in HD